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  • WW2 Swordfish Pilot veteran D-Day and Convoys signed photo

8x12 inch photograph signed by Peter Beresford DSC.

Lt. Cdr. Peter Beresfod D.S.C. RN (Swordfish pilot) joined the navy in February 1942 at Lee on Solent. He had been in the navy for only three days when 825 Squadron who were also at Lee on Solent went for the Channel Dash and were all shot down. After training Peter was posted to 816 Squadron and later drafted to HMS Tracker for work on Atlantic Convoys under Escort Group 2 commanded by Johnny Walker, the outstandingly best U-boat hunter.

A year later Peter was transferred to HMS Chaser for Russian convoys - very different to the Atlantic ones. He damaged a u-boat with Rocket Projectiles(RPs) and it was finished off by HMS Onslaught. In May 1944 his ship was anchored to a buoy in Scapa Flow, waiting for another convoy to assemble, when a storm caught them and caused the cable holding the buoy to the seabed to break loose. In about two minutes the ship was grounded and badly damaged, subsequently to be sent to Cornwall to help the RAF on the D-Day landings. Peter was flying on the west flank of the armada, looking at 2000 ships at sunrise on D-Day - an unforgettable sight. His next posting was to 836 Mac Ship Squadron, still flying Stringbags - four to a ship. Each Mac Ship was a Merchant ship with a flight deck fixed on top! After five trips Peter was re-assigned to be a batsman on Mac Ships, supposedly a rest from operations. On VE day his Mac Ship escorted six surfaced U-boats to surrender off Londonderry. Peter's final posting was to Seafires on HMS Magnificent. Prior to setting sail for the Pacific the A-bomb was dropped and the war ended

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WW2 Swordfish Pilot veteran D-Day and Convoys signed photo

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