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  • WW2 French Resistance hero Georges Jouanjean signed Buchenwald FDC

RAF Escaping Society cover signed by Georges 'Geo' Jounjean. 

Georges 'Geo' Jounjean, a Breton born in 1917 was taken prisoner in May 1940 when serving with the French artillery. He  was interned in Stalag IIB in Belgard (Now Belograd in Poland) from where he escaped in April 1942 by having himself sealed in a goods train loaded with seed potatoes bound for France. 

Thirteen days later he slipped out and away when the train reached Creil just north of Paris. He eventually arrived home in Brittany.Geo soon joined the 'Mithridate' resistance organisation and the the 'Par O'Leary' network which earned him the temporary rank of Captain. 

The network rescued Allied aircrew shot down over Western France, helped them evade capture and orgainsed and assisted their return to freedom. Backed up by his family and friends, Geo personally sought out, sheltererd and guided some sixty to seventy Allied airmen. He either escorted them to Paris and turned them over to his network contact, or arranged for their escape by fishing boat from the west coast of Brittany or when his escape route was suddenly cut off, found a refuge for them in northern Brittany.

In the Spring of 9143 the Germans succeeded in infiltrating the organisation and so became aware of his activities. They arrested his mother and 80 year old grandfather and held them as hostages. Geo was picked up in Paris by the Gestapo on 18 June 1943 where upon his parents were in due course released. 

He was interrogated (to put it mildly) and imprisoned first in Fresnes near Paris then Rennes, Angoulele and Compiegne before being sent by cattle truck to Auschwitz in April 1944. There he was tattoed with the number 185795.He was unnacountably transferred to Buchenwald in July where his stay was brief for the camp inmates who 'screened' new arrivals ruled gainst his admittance. 

He was thereupon sent to Flossenburg, a concentration camp of unsurpassed horror for German criminals. He somehow survived and was freed by the US Army in May 1945.Geo was decorated by the French with the Croix de Guerre, the Medaille des Evades and the Legion d'Honneur. He was awarded the British Empire Medal by the British and the Medal of Freedom with Silver Palm by the Americans. Last but not least he gave away in marriage one of his sisters in June 1945 to an English RCAF navigator whom he had helped escape by sea from Treboul in April 1943

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WW2 French Resistance hero Georges Jouanjean signed Buchenwald FDC

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