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  • Fairey Delta Test Pilot Peter Twiss signed cover

Test Pilots series cover dedicated to and signed by Fairey Delta test pilot the late Peter Twiss DSC & Bar

(23 July 1921 – 31 August 2011) was a British test pilot who held the World Air Speed Record as the first man to fly at a speed greater than 1,000 mph. 

During the Malta Convoys in 1942, he flew Fairey Fulmars with 807 Squadron, from the carrier HMS Argus. For his service, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) in June 1942. Later in the year the squadron converted to Supermarine Seafires flying from HMS Furious for the Operation Torch landings in North Africa. 

During the Allied landings in Algeria and Morocco he added a bar to his DSC, gazetted in March 1943. By this time he had shot down one Italian aircraft (a Fiat CR.42 on 14 May 1942) and damaged

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Fairey Delta Test Pilot Peter Twiss signed cover

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