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  • WW2 COLDITZ cover signed POW's camp Dentist Julius Green & Crisp

Commemorative envelope dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of Colditz, signed by Captain Julius Green, captured 12th June 1940, arrived Colditz 19th February 1944.

Also signed by Lt Cdr J Crisp RN, captured 1st June 1941, arrived Colditz 1st September 1942.

Capt. Julius Green – a dental officer from Glasgow – was exceptional in that he worked for MI9 in the prison and sent coded letters to his wife. The information was forwarded by her to British Intelligence. It included material supplied to Green by recaptured escapers about local German railway, troop and shipping movements and anything else gleaned whilst on the “outside”. He also advised on what materials useful for escape could be smuggled into Colditz via parcels from home as well as advice on what officers should carry with them in battle in case they were captured and sent to Colditz – hidden compasses for example – that would be useful for escapes.  He published a book about his experiences. Green’s other important act was to expose the English Nazi stooge in the prison, Purdy, who was prosecuted for treason after the war

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WW2 COLDITZ cover signed POW's camp Dentist Julius Green & Crisp

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